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Volunteer Handbook & Newsletter

Volunteering at Entiat Community Services is fun, the hours are flexible, the people are nice, staff show you exactly what to do, and you're truly helping people in need in our community.

Why does EVCSFB need volunteers?

There is far too much work at EVCSFB to accomplish to help serve others. EVCSFB runs on volunteers. People donate their time weekly to stock shelves, sorting, cook, delivery food boxes, take clients to medical appointments, serve meals, feed children and families, collect donations, assist clients with benefit services, referrals and housekeeping or guide clients through the center. Volunteers are essential and greatly increase our resources toward helping our community and neighbors in need. And are very much appreciated!!

Why should I volunteer and are there any benefits?

EVCSFB serves not only as a food bank, but it provides the community a place to come together to help others, and many other programs, direct-services and resources for those in need. Volunteering is a positive way to contribute to the community, foster relationships, and a chance to share skills and/or develop new skills.  It gives people a wonderful opportunity to improve their employability while contributing to the community and helping our neighbors in need.

What qualifications are required to volunteer?

The most important qualification is compassion and the desire to help others. Just about anyone can volunteer. We welcome youth, senior citizens, disabled, groups and assistance from people with professional skills to lend us a hand to help others.

Other traits are:

Compassion with clients

Ability to work in a team environment

Reliability, integrity and professionalism - attend periodic training sessions

Empathy with the community, donors and clients

We ask all our volunteers to "CARE", providing an atmosphere of cheerfulness, dignity, respect and compassion for everyone without judgement.  Hunger, poverty and homelessness has no rules, and effects everyone from all walks of  life.


Other traits required:

That you arrive on time for the pre-session volunteer orientation and training. Please be respectful of other volunteers and clients, if you cannot keep your assigned time to volunteer, please call 509-784-7117 at least 5 days in advance so we may assign another volunteer.

How Do I Volunteer?

Contact the volunteer coordinator at (509) 784-0441 or through our volunteer contact form here>

For a list of volunteer opportunities, duties and job descriptions for our programs, visit our volunteer opportunities page.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Entiat Regional Health Clinic, please visit that page here>

There is a short one-page volunteer interest form to complete, pick one up from the volunteer coordinator. The volunteer coordinator will discuss how your skills can be utilized at EVCSFB and a volunteer orientation meeting will be set up for you to attend. Addtional paperwork, agreements and background check are required for you to complete at the orientation.

Youth who want to volunteer for community service hours for graduation, will have their own forms to complete and have parents sign.

If you are interested in youth volunteering, visit our YOUth In Action page to contact EVCSFB here>

Why are volunteer hours tracked?

Each volunteer hour is valued at $21.72 which is used as matching funds when we seek financial support from foundations. Volunteers not only help our neighbors in need and our community but helps EVCSFB to remain financially self-sustaining  by their volunteer hours. For example, the 7,500 volunteer hours in 2012 translates to $162,900.00 in in-kind donations to EVCSFB.

Volunteer hours are recorded at each event or program site. Ask the volunteer coordinator for the volunteer sign-in sheet to record your hours. For volunteers who perform volunteer labor for the elderly, such as CHORE, Snow Shovel Brigade and/or TRIPS, they are given a monthly timesheet to record their hours and mileage (if required) that is turned in by the 5th of each month.

Volunteer are needed for various programs, events and needs. Some require a daily commitment, while others may only require a weekly or monthly commitment. Some volunteers come when they are needed most and others are on-call. We try to accommodate everyone's schedules within our working hours and needs. Volunteers will be provided an Interest Form upon contacting us. Once we receive the Interest Form a volunteer orientation meeting will be set up and volunteers will receive a full application, handbook and newsletter.

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