Gardeners Can Make A Difference

Planning your vegetable garden? Did you grow a garden this year? Have you grown too much for your own use? Well, here is an idea; consider planting a few extra plants or even an extra row to help fight hunger or if you have to much; give a portion of your harvest to Entiat Valley Community Services FoodBank.  You can provide fresh produce to help fight hunger.  Fresh produce is always in high demand and a welcome change from canned goods and nonperishable items, especially for our children and homebound elderly.  There is no quantity to small.

During the 2012 harvest season, gardeners donated 1800 pounds of nutritious produce to our food bank, we would like to double that donation this year!

If you have extra seeds, please consider donating them to our 'Share-A-Row' program.  We hope to encourage needy families in growing their own container or backyard garden and they can have the opportunity to take part in growing their own food.

If you did not grow a garden this year, consider growing an extra row in your garden next year, then at harvest time donate the extra produce.  Moreover, when you are ready to plant next year, give us a call, we would like to help by providing you with seeds for the 'Share-A-Row' program.  A win-win solution for the gardener and people who are hungry.

Refrigerated space is often limited, so our food bank appreciates produce that is not to ripe, stores well and transports easy.  Here is some recommendations: 

When you do donate please ask yourself - is this what I would eat?

Please wash or rinse any excessive dirt from the produce.

If produce is at the end of being edible please do not bring to the Food Bank because we wold not be able to give it to our neighbors and we do not have the refrigeration available. 

Produce Most Wanted

                      Green Beans                          Cucumbers                           Tomatoes (pick slightly under-ripe)

                      Garlic                                       Zucchini                                 Peppers - all kinds

                      Onions                                     Carrots                                  Squash

                      Greens - all kinds                   Herbs                                    Tree Fruits, apples, pears, peaches

The Food Bank has 3 distribution days a month and is available to receive fresh produce on Friday or Saturday mornings early. Please call before bringing your donated produce, so we can make arrangements for your delivery.  thank you for helping us fight hunger in our commmunity.



                             Adopt-A-Fruit Tree Harvest Program


Is a community-wide effort of havesting fruit trees and sharing fruit.  Tree Owners can donate a fruit tree to the Food Bank and volunteers harvest the fruit. Harvests occur July - October.

Become a Volunteer!

Scout for fruit trees

Harvest fruit with family or friends

Collect and Deliver fruit to the food bank

Lead teams of volunteers as a Fruit Tree Harvest Leader

YES, We Even Have A Share-A-Row Program for Youth!

​Youth Gardening 'Sprouts' Program provides children 4 - 17 gardening, learning and growing activities for kids to participate in during the summer. There is no fee to join!  Program provides children seeds or plants to grow their own vegetables to share with their families and the food bank. A 'Share-A'Row' sign to put up in their garden is given to youth members. Children receive a kit, with seeds, gardening tools, and gardening activity book. Once a month, children attend a youth learning class, where they share the results and photos of their planted garden row, make a scrapebook journal, and learn about vegetables, their nutrition and how to cook y-u-m-m-y vegetable dishes. At the end of summer they prepare a vegetable dish for their parents at graduation and receive a badge and a certificate showing how many pounds of produce they grew and donated to the food bank. If you or your child are interested in paticipating in 'Sprouts', download and return the Share-A-Row Participant Enrollment Form on this page. Make sure to mark 'Sprouts' on the form and follow the instructions.

Become Involved!

Gardeners, and Fruit Tree growers donate produce, fruit or grow a row for our food bank to help provide nutritious fresh fruit and produce to people in need. You will receive a EVCSFB Share-A-Row Participant sign to put in your garden or on your tree showing your tree or garden row is being donated to the food bank. At the end of Harvest Season, donors will receive a certificate showing how many pounds you donated to the food bank as well as a receipt for tax deductions.  Additionally, in October we will celebrate at our Harvest Fest and recognize all the donors and youth gardeners in our community who gave to the food bank.  It's a way for us and our clients to say Thank You!

It's Time For the "Share-A-Row" Program!

Wanted Gardeners - Farmers - Businesses!

Please consider donating your 'Excess' Fruits and Vegetables to our Food Bank, The food bank appreciates everything we receive, so thanks for your help in feeding those in need.

What is Share-A-Row?

'Share-A-Row' is a community effort to produce fresh fruits and vegetables to enrich diets of people in need in and beyond our area. The public is invited to bring in their excess produce to the Food Bank location, 2188 Entiat Way on Friday the day before distribution day or Saturday distribution day or we can pick up the produce.

It is as E-A-S-Y as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4...

1. Call us at 784-7117 to donate a row of your garden, or excess fruits and/or vegetables

2. Deliver your produce or arrange for pick-up on Friday, the day before distribution day

3. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables and donate them to the Food Bank

4. Donate a monetary contribution or gift card for fresh vegetables or fruit to the Food Bank.

Avoid spoilage, by putting your produce in paper sacks rather than plastic bags.

Please wash vegetables and fruits before donating to the Food Bank.

Please do not donate 'Over Ripe' vegetables or fruits.

​How You Can Help

Plant extra vegetables, fruit or cooking herbs and deliver your extra produce to the food bank

Volunteers are needed to help glean orchards in our Adopt-A-Fruit Tree Harvest Program

Buinesses can contribute 'in-kind' donations of plants or seeds

Growers can donate produce or fruit trees to be gleaned

Organize a Share-A-Row campaign or contest in your community or where you work

Interested In Volunteering or Donating?

If you are interested in donating, growing a row, volunteering, or just need more information, call 784-7117 or email:  You can enroll to donate to the Share-A-Row Program or you can also use our Contact Form here.

2800 lbs of produce in 2016