We have exciting news to share about Entiat Valley Community Services Resource  

Center Mission Possible capital campaign. We completed Phase I of the project, and moved into the new Resource Center in 2013. We are so pleased to be able to provide a more comfortable and secure setting to serve clients, as well as a more suitable space for our clinic, meals, clothing, food bank, office and volunteers. We invite you to come and visit our new building, meet staff and learn more about the many ways this new facility will make a difference in our ability to provide food, healthcare and a multitude of direct-services to people in need.

It is an exciting time for the Entiat Valley Community Services Food Bank. Our goal is to alleviate hunger, poverty, health disparities, and homelessness, by providing the best possible service and resources to partners and assistance programs throughout the Chelan/Douglas counties we serve to help people in need. This new building will help us do that work in new and exciting ways, but we have more work to do. 

The renovations have been in progress on the building that Entiat Valley Community Services purchased, thanks to your support (Phase II). For 30 years, Entiat Valley Community Services Food Bank has helped prevent hunger, poverty and homelessness in our neighborhoods. Each month, we serve 300 - 500 families nutritional food boxes. We distribute over 65,000 - 78,000 pounds of food from our new building. However, we are still renovating the building for more space and storage of perishable and non-perishable foods.


Phase III

The renovation of the main hall, and community kitchen is tentatively completed. However, we need to expand our capacity to receive more perishables and food.

The first component will be demolition of the existing freezer and cooler units, and install new units, and removing our 4 freezers and 2 refrigerators currently used.

The second component is to expand pantry space for our distribution capacity. The area that is currently utilized for packing operations will be expanded to receive food shipments and allow volunteers more space to pack food boxes and sort food. The repurposing of the stocking room will be used for our Health Clinic, allowing a private entrance for clients to receive health services. 

The third component is to replace and extend our roof. Currently when it snows or rains it falls on the walkway entrances, making it unsafe for our clients and volunteers.

The fourth component is to change the entrance of the building to a new entryway to ensure clients have safe entry into the facility. Our final plans are to paint the building and demolish the tower add-on, repurposing the space into storage and an emergency exit from the building.


The end result of these projects is added food storage and handling space to distribute a higher quality of food, increase the variety, depth and consistency of nutritious fresh produce, fruits and food to serve more than 8000 hungry each year. EVCS will be able to provide more healthy food to those we serve, children summer meals, homeless meals, and senior meals, because it will ensure more capacity for food and that perishable food is stored safely. It also means we can expand our direct-services, clothing closet, outreach programs and increase our services for community meals, education classes, workshops, job readiness, disaster shelter, school supplies, homeless and veterans services, health and dental care, and benefit services, which all address the root causes of poverty, health disparities, homelessness ,and hunger. Last year we served 16,000 people in and beyond our community.

We live in a community that supports Entiat Valley Community Services in its mission to alleviate, homelessness, poverty, health disparities, and hunger. The capital campaign is an example of this commitment. With your support we will enable those in need of services and assistance to become self-sufficient, healthier, and less dependent on State and Federal assistance. Thank you for your continued support of our organization and mission.

Without You, This Mission Would Not Be Possible!​​​

We have received generous support from individuals, families, businesses throughout Washington State and our area. Thank you for making this become a reality and to all who have invested in our Capital Campaign in helping us to increase and expand our services to help others.

We have received donations at all levels, and we still need the support of everyone. We appeal to you at this critical point. Your help is essential to retrofit and equip our new facility and regional hub - 2084 Entiat Way. Your support is still vital to transform the facility into the center of innovation and efficiency necessary to end hunger, health disparities, homelessness, and poverty. For more information about our Capital Campaign and how you can make a financial donation, click here.

Thank You
For Making A Difference In Our Community
and Helping Us To Help Others!

New Building - Update!

We're Moved!!  You Made it Happen!!

​2084 Entiat Way - Entiat, WA

To Our NEW Facility - Thank you!!


(509) 888-3999 
Distribution: (2) Sat & (2) Thu a month

Open: Wed - Fri 9 am - Noon​

Thank you for your support and making this become a reality. Your continued financial donation will ensure that our services of food, health and dental care, clothing, disaster relief, and many other direct-services will help our neighbors in need. Please Consider Making a Financial Gift. Please Donate Today!

Wish List!​

Do you have these Items? Or items in new or good condition, you would like to get rid of OR find a new home for?  Consider Donating?  

We need these items for our center:

Building Materials:

Cedar fencing, fence posts, cement, 4 x 8's,

Exterior Doors (steel)  36" wide (5)

(1) new Toilet, Pedestal Sink 34" high

Paint, sheet rock,

Blinds (2) 96" w x  60" h

Office & Kitchen Products:

Postage Stamps, envelopes #10

Copy paper, note pads, sticky notes, staples, thumb tacks

Napkins, paper plates 10", 8oz paper cups, plastic utensils

2 and 4 oz. serving cups with lids, paper bowls

Non-Latex Gloves non-powdered ALL Sizes

Garbage Bags 13 & 30 gallon heavy duty


Checkers, Chess,

Childrens table, coloring books

If you have these items Contact Us here.

Together We Can Solve Hunger, Poverty and Homelessness

Over $11 thousand was raised in April 2013, part of which was used along with an anonomous donation of $50 thousand to lease-purchase the new facility. With the lease-purchase and retrofit of the new facility we will be expanding our programs and services. The new facility enables EVCSFB to do what it's done for the last 30 years: find innovative and efficient ways to provide and expand food, clothing, healthcare, meals, services and programs for the growing number of neighbors who are in need of assistance. The opportunity of consolidating our operations and services in our new facility will also create revenue for EVCSFB to become self-sufficient and increase food and services for those we serve. Our fight against hunger, homelessness and poverty is going to be stronger than ever from our new facility.


Thank You for your generous support of financial gifts

to help us to continue to help others.