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Starting a Food and Fund Drives

Organize a Food & Fund Drive

Community food and fund drives provide nutritious food and vital operating funds for

Entiat Valley Community Services FoodBank while raising awareness of hunger and poverty

issues in our community. A tough economic time and unemployment have pushed the

demand for food and services to record levels at our organization, making community

support more important than ever. Without the support of others who organize food and

fund drives we could not feed, clothe and provide the services we do.  A huge Thank You to

the children, individuals, organizations, faith-based groups, students and others who organize

food and fund drives so others might eat and receive critical services.

You make the difference for the 1000's of people each year we provide free services and food

to, so they can put food on the table and not worry if they have a place to call home.

 Both Food & Funds Matter

Donations keep food in our freezers, children and adults clothed, firewood to heat homes, school

supplies for students, elderly and children meals, and our vehicles delivering food and people to

medical appointments. Contributions also support our direct-services programs that provide skills,

education, self-worth and empowers people faced with poverty, hunger and homelessness to move

forward from social services. Monetary donations allows EVCSFB to provide more services and programs

to people who desperately need our services, by providing funds for our programs, food, and operational

expenses. Because we have no paid staff and we keep our operational costs at a minimum, 97% of funds

we receive provide food, programs and much critical services to those in need.

Food drives and non-food drives provide some of the highest-quality supplies and food for our 'neighbors'

in need that we receive from donors.  Donations provide an outreach awareness link in and beyond our

community, between the donor, you, our organization and people who are destitute for food and services. 

Food, funds and volunteers are our life blood of our organization and are equally appreciated.

 Getting Started

Thank you for stepping forward and organizing a food, non-food or fund drive to help us help others and to help us

eliminate hunger, homelessness and poverty in our community. Fighting hunger, homelessness and poverty is a huge

project to take on, but with our help and our step-by-step food and fund drive manual which gives you the tools to run

a successful drive, it will be fun and easy for you to do!

The manual will provide you how to get started, foods most needed, most wanted non-food items, and sample flyers you can use or make your own!  Once you have registered with the date and plans for your food and fund drive, we will send you the manual for you to read through so you can have a fun and successful drive!  Thank you for helping us help others!

Register Here.

Food and Fund Drives

Organize a Drive for

funds and food


Please Help Us

Help Them!

Be the Solution and Make a Difference

in the lives of those​ in need..

Start a Food & Fund Drive!

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