Family & Individual Support Services

Entiat Valley Community Services FoodBank has a long history of providing services and activities that help

families and individuals thrive.  Today there are a wide array of programs from Food Bank Program that helps

families put food on the table, to the Christmas Basket Adopt-A Program and Toys For Needy Kids that help families

and individuals have the best holiday possible.  Other programs for families are classes, workshops that give valuable

skills and community events that bring children and families together.  Support Services for families and individuals

are Employment Options Program to provide employment skills, resume' writing and job search, Community Garden,

Community Teaching Kitchen, Cooking Classes, Budgeting classes, Computer labs, Shelter referrals, bus tokens for

working or those seeking work, Clothes Closet and Career Clothes Bank, Free firewood, in addition to community

activities and events throughout the year that strengthen children and families, and bring individuals together with

neighbors in the community.

Bundles of Joy Program

Diapers, wipes, formual, baby food, bottles, and many other items for new and expecting parents and

struggling famiies are available. You must call and register first at 509-888-3999.

Educational Workshops and Classes

Workshops for individuals and families are held on a periodic basis. Check the News and Events page

for dates, times and more information.  Workshops include:

Flu Shots for adults at the Entiat Regional Health Clinic

Financial Planning and Budgeting Workshop

Beginner Computer Classes

Tax Assistance Workshop

Employment Options Program

Benefit Services for food stamps and other social services

Landlord Tenant Laws, Wills and other Legal information

Life Skills and Parenting Classes

Community Events

Entiat Valley Community Services FoodBank hold neighborhood events open to the entire community

throughout the year.  They provide ways for individuals, children, elderly and families to have fun

together in their community. Check the News and Events page for dates, times and more information.

Family Fun Nights - Movies, games and activities


Birthday Party - make cupcakes for your childrens birthday, we supply the ingredients,

space and supplies for a super birthday!

Children and Youth activities and events

Referrals and Information

Entiat Valley Community Services Benefit Services Program in association with Washington Connections offers case management services, assistance in obtaining and applying for government benefits, Social Security, Veterans Assistance, Shelter and Housing Referrals, benefit eligibility screenings, information on available services in the area, and referrals if needed. Check the News and Events page for dates, times and more information on how to register.

Prevention Meetings

This is an opportunity for neighbors and families to come together to discuss recent episodes of crimes and how to resolve those issues.  There will be a specific topic and speaker at each meeting that may include: Identity theft, Computer Surfing safely for individuals, families and children, crime prevention and many more subjects. Check the News and Events page for upcoming meetings and topics.

Community Outreach

Entiat Valley Community Services hosts a variety of community meetings and outreach awareness events with community groups both local and outside our area.  These topics and outreach meetings include: (Some have not started yet - Keep checking back)

Do It Yourself Workshops

Crafts and Arts classes

Photography and Painting Classes

Cake Decorating and Flower Arrangements

Jams and Jelly making


Gardening and Landscaping

Model Building

Men Only! Classes

Classes and workshops for women

Domestic Violence and Depression workshops


and many more.....

Check the News and Events page for upcoming events, topics and dates.

Adopt-A Program and Toys For Needy Kids

The Adopt-A progam gives donors a opportunity to adopt a family, child or seniors, with a wish list from each person so that everyone can have a good holiday. Those adopted receive a food basket and gifts for the holiday.  The Toys for Needy Kids Program provides toys and gifts for children 0 - 17 whose famiies are having a difficult time so children can have a bright, joyful holiday.  For information on donating or registering for the programs, please check our News and Events page for dates or email

School Tools for Needy Kids

School supplies are collected for children whose families would otherwise struggle to purchase them.  In addition, to this program, children whose families are really having financial difficulties, are provided a set of school clothes for their children.  For information on donating or applying to receive assistance, please check our News and Events page for dates or email

NEW "YOU" After-School Program (Will start in fall)

Entiat Valley Community Services provides opportunities for children and teens to develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively through various programs throughout the year. The program encourages children and teens from various backgrounds to explore and discover through play as well as interactions with peers, adults, their community and surroundings.  This enables children and teens to develop positive attitudes of themselves, toward others to better achieve their full potential. EVCSFB provides children and teens a safe, supportive and nuturing environment. Enrollment is open to all children and teens, we will be accepting applications later on. Check for start date, times and information on our News and Events page.

Employment Options Program (Will begin in fall)

The 10 weeks long program includes 3 months of job training. Educational opportunities are offered in GED, computer skills, math and ESL. The program is tailored to address the needs of each trainee/student and a specific plan is developed once accepted into the program. Program will include: 5 hours a week of unpaid volunteer work either at the 'We Care To Give' Shop, at EVCSFB or at the Community Kitchen; students must attend and complete Employment Options Program and job search. Employment opportunities will be available at the end of the program to help trainees become employed. We provide job training to 8 people annually.

The 'We Care To Give' Shop provides 6 weeks job-training to people of limited income or job skills and provides participants with training in retail sales to further their opportunity for employment. All candidates for the Emplyment Options job training program must complete and meet certain requirements prior to being considered.

Community Teaching Kitchen (Not Started Yet - Keep checking back)

The ten-week Community Teaching Kitchen Program was created in 2012 to prepare individuals for entry-level positions in the food service industry. The program cosists of six weeks of classroom training in cooking techniques, followed by a four-week externship. Lectures and hands-on demonstrations covering the equivalent of the first year of a culinary school, provided by various chefs throughout the community. The classroom training also includes workshops in job search strategy, resume' writing, interview techniques, and effective communication through our Employment Options Program.  Students have the opportunity to complete a kitchen practicum at our Friends & Neighbors Cafe'.  The externship, provides students who may have little employment history with recent work experience and professional references.  All classes are provided free of charge to participants and include such supportive services as case management and enrollment in other services. Addtionally, the Community Teaching Kitchen provides students in all aspects of restaurant experience, from customer service, serving, food dish presentation, setting a table to retail.

Community Teaching Kitchen also provides a commercial kitchen for individuals to rent to make jams, jellies, perservatives and bread to sell. This helps people build self-esteem, create income and ecourages people to develop businesses.  Business and Marketing classes comprising of important components and business speakers share their experience, are offered to people to develop a business of their own.

The kitchen also offers children, adults and teens Cooking Classes to learn how to prepare easy fix, nutritious meals. Classes include:


Jams and Jellies

Easy Fix Low Cost Meals

Freezing and Drying foods

Bread making

and more.....

We welcome classroom visits and kitchen demonstrations from culinary professionals. If you work in the culinary or restaurant field (not only as a chef, but or in any food service-related capacity) and would like to particpate in this way, please contact us for more information. If your are interested in externship partnership who help students in classroom training, hands-on experience, business development, or in placing one of our students in your restaurant kitchen, please click here to email us.

To find out more check our News and Events page for start dates, upcoming class sessions, times and program application and more information.

Homeless and Veterans Services

Entiat Valley Community Services has provided a compassionate response to the needs of homeless individuals and families in Entiat rural area since 1985. It is the mission of EVCSFB to help people get into a safer and healthier environment.

EVCSFB starts by providing basic services, food boxes, and clothing. Our potluck dinners provide a healthy meal for men and women. We hope to add lunches in the coming months. Men and women have access to phone and resources to find adequate shelter or housing. Through meeting with our volunteer staff, they can be connected with social service agencies,housing assistance, case management services,  job training, employment, counciling, legal services, emergency shelter, medical care, and mental health and substance abuse treatment. They can also receive help with transportation and help to apply for government benefits, Social Security, Veterans Benefits and Food Stamps. Support services provided include socialization and life skills training with a goal of moving veterans and homeless toward increased stability and self-sufficiency so that they will eventually be able to manage their own finances.

Care and attention, with compassion to individual needs of each person, homeless individuals are helped to move toward greater health, safety and stability.

Volunteers provide many important services that support direct care and free up staff to meet with clients.  They may help with such administrative tasks as filing client records and reports, help with office tasks, sort and distribute clean clothes, greet participants with coffee or help participants sign up for services.  Most importantly, they can provide a smile and friendly word.


English as a 2nd Language (Not Started Yet - To Begin In Fall - Keep checking back)

ESL provides Migrant Spanish speaking clients English-learning resources to learn English. The free program is provided in partnership with the Literacy Council of Chelan & Douglas Counties and EVCSFB. ESL classes provide tutoring through one-on-one and small group sessions, conversation, reading, and writing skills. We strive to empower people to gain the necessary competencies to enrich their lives, the businesses where they work, and the communities in which they live in.  Classes are in Wenatchee and will begin at EVCSFB in the fall. We hope to add citizenship and GED classes in the coming months.  Volunteers are needed, you do not need to speak another language and do not need teaching experience to tutor students in English. Classes are a minimum of two times per week, 1.5 hours each time, for a total of 3 hours per week, and no more than 6 students per tutor. Tutors are trained, attend an orientation (total of 9.5 hours, 1 hour orientation, 7 hour face-to-face training, and 1.5 hours of on-line training (minimum). Volunteer tutors must pass a background check and be 21 years of age. If you need more information or to find out about ESL check out the Literacy Council of Chelan & Douglas Counties website.

Emergency Financial Assistance and Money Management Services (Not Started Yet - Keep checking back)

The Money Management Services works with clients who receive social security insurance, DSHS benefits and veteran's compensation, to ensure that these benefits are first used to meet their basic needs (such as rent, food, medicines and utilities), and often assist them in establishing some form of savings.  This service is available to people who have trouble managing their finances, risk of becoming homeless or faced with collection agencies.  The program's goal is to enable people to manage their own finances, educate in money and budgeting and become self-sufficient.

Program participants are provided case management, one-one coaching in budgeting, money management and basic life skills. It is designed to implement individualized services and referrals.

Emergency Financial Assistance provides short term financial assistance to people who are faced with eviction and shut-off of heat. This service provides a one time financial assistance. People applying must be low-income, at-risk of homeless, or shut-off of heat, provide an eviction notice, shut-off of heat service, and must meet income qualifications.  The program can also help with one-time fuel for clients for an emergency trip and prescription drugs. Special requirements and qualifications are needed to apply for these services.  Emergency Financial Assistance requires program participants to attend, money management and budgeting classes, and includes one-one coaching, referrals to housing assistance, healthcare, prescription assistance, social service agencies, employment assistance, legal aid, and case management services. Both services help people in becoming self-sufficient and reinforces people to live independently and manage their own finances.

Volunteers can help with filing, connecting participants to referrals, case management, greeting clients and other office tasks. For information, to volunteer or apply for services contact 509-784-7117 or use our Contact page.


Individuals and families volunteer in numerous capacities at Entiat Valley Community Services.  There are ongoing and one-time opportunities available. Go to the I Want to Volunteer page for more detailed information.

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