Entiat Valley Food Bank

Entiat Valley Food Bank

​Entiat Food Bank began in 1985 and was supported by the community residents. It moved from a private home to 2188 Entiat Way and currently is located at 2084 Entiat Way. In 1995 Entiat Food Bank changed its name to Entiat Valley Food Bank and was sponsored by a Civic Club.  At that time 2237 families for the year, were provided food once a month.  It was realized that the need was great, so it increased its distribution to twice a month.

We now distribute four times a month, serving over 8000 families with more than 70,000 lbs. of food annually. In the beginning, three volunteers operated the food bank, Darlene Brooks, Harvey Seats, and Opal Baird. Today over 40 volunteers work tirelessly to serve healthy food boxes to people in need. The food bank, provides nine services to people in need of food, including supplemental Senior Boxes and home-bound deliveries.

Services The Food Bank Offers

 Free groceries - EFAP (Emergency Food Assistance)

Families in need can come to the food bank four times a month for food boxes. Volunteers fill boxes for a 3 - 5 day supply of food for families. The Entiat Valley Food Bank relies on donations of food, meat, fresh produce and bread to meet the needs of people struggling to putting food on the table. The amount of food each client household takes home is limited by family size and is dependent on what we have available.  Supplemental additions to food boxes are meat, pastries, bread, dairy and produce.

Many families are low-income, fixed income, unemployed, working poor and just trying to make ends meet. Our 'neighbors' are not 'addicted to charity' as some might have you believe. Instead, they have real needs of choosing to put food on the table or paying for prescriptions, rent or high cost of fuel.

Coming to a food bank for assistance can be a difficult and even humbling experience. Our volunteers make every effort to greet our 'neighbors' with a warm welcome and friendly environment. Our 'neighbors' in need are treated with dignity, compassion and respect and are provided encouragement which is just as important as providing them with nutritious food. 

  • Open Choice Table

Allows families to shop for items they need, just as they do in a grocery store. Neighbors chose their own food that they need and will use from a variety of selections we might have. In some instances, clients can ask for certain items, depending on availability. We believe that all 'neighbors' deserve the dignity of choosing what foods they want for themselves and their families, eliminating food waste.


  • BREAD (Boxes Reaching the Elderly and Disabled)  and Rural Homebound Food Box Delivery

Our elderly and disabled 'neighbors' are provided healthy nutritious supplemental food boxes separate from our regular food distribution. In addition they receive regular food boxes on distribution days. This provides a wide variety of healthy and fresh foods for our homebound elderly and disabled. We also provide supplemental fruits and vegetables at the center for elderly on Wed & Fri.

Elderly and disabled must be without any transportation for food box deliveries. Volunteer drivers deliver food boxes to over 40 homebound elderly 60+ and disabled (age 55) in our rural delivery program twice a month. Neighbors in need receive not only food, but warm conversations and friendliness. This program expands our ability to improve our services by knowing of their well-being, health and circumstances. It allows us to improve their situation and meet their ongoing needs, providing a hand up not a hand out.

  • 'Homeless Meals' - free meals

Entiat Valley Community Services in collaboration with Women's Resource Center provide homeless with free lunches. Wednesdays and Saturdays of each month EVCSFB volunteers prepare and pack cold lunches for homeless individuals and families located at encampments (tent-sites) throughout Chelan/Douglas counties. Women's Resource Center and EVCSFB volunteer drivers pick-up and deliver the lunches. EVCSFB prepares meals twice a week for 40 homeless neighbors. Why? Part of our mission is to expand food security to improve the quality of life and to increase public awareness and education. Our Homeless Meals connect people and community so they do not feel isolated, helpless and alienated, while increasing awareness and educating on the issues of poverty, hunger and homelessness. resources, counselors, services, housing assistance and referrals to shelters and providers are provided to homeless for securing enduring services and support. The total impact of these coordinated efforts will help reduce chronic homelessness in our communities. Over 3000 meals were provided in 2016.

  • Assisting Angels Meals

Volunteers prepare home cooked meals and deliver to homebound, people who are ill, have circumstances or an emergency disaster that prevent having meals, and are in need of short term assistance. What a blessing our volunteers are that help people who are faced with having to move into an assisted living facility or being able to stay at home, or families faced with disasters. Assisting Angels allow neighbors to live at home independently while recuperating. Volunteers improve their situation, provide warm friendly visits, phone calls and healthy hot meals to people who have illnesses that are homebound, or in an emergency disaster.

  • Children Meal Programs

KnaPaks for Kids - provides children with healthy food, and snacks for the week-end. Each child twice a month at the food bank receives a tote full of nutritious food for the week-end. It provides children 2 days of breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The child not only receives food for him/her but for other siblings in the family. The tote is brought back at the next food bank distribution day and refilled.

Summer Meals for Kids - children are provided healthy lunches during the summer months when school is out. Summer Meals has 5 sites it delivers meals to children.  Over 1800 lunches were provided in 2016 to rural children with activities to do.

Additional Services

  • TEFAP - USDA Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program, Federal Commodity Food Program is distributed once a month to people who qualify under federal guidelines. People must live in certain zip code areas to receive food and meet the federal poverty levels to qualify for the program.  TEFAP is given out the last distribution day of the food bank along with regular and supplemental food boxes to people in need.


EVCSFB endeavors to build people's confidence, dignity, and to improve their quality of life. We encourage our neighbors in need to lend a hand-to give as well as to receive. Part of our mission is to provide, 'a hand-up, not a hand-out'​​. 

Approximately 40 percent of volunteers also use the food bank and EVCSFB's direct-services, thus breaking down the walls between servers and the served. We recognize this as our 'Friends & Neighbors', our community and clients coming together.

Food Bank Hours - Volunteers Needed!

Food Bank Hours of Operation  (Schedule at Resource Center and is posted in Entiat School Newsletter, and on EVCSFB's Facebook page).

Saturdays - 9 AM - 11:30 AM     (twice a month)  Meal provided

Thursdays - 5:00 - 6:30 PM (twice a month)

Homebound Deliveries on Thursday - 11 AM - 1 PM (twice a month)

Wednesdays & Fridays - 11:30 AM - Noon (8 times a month) Senior Supplemental Food Boxes - Meal Provided 11:30 AM

                                           Everyone is welcomed for a meal and can receive supplemental food boxes on Wed & Fri - Just Show UP!

Any person in need can use the food bank. You will be asked to complete a Client Information Form and Permission Forms if someone is allowed to pick up your food for you.  You must apply in person. Documents needed for permission form would be driver's license, or state ID card. DO NOT BRING  ​your Social Security Number as proof of identity or household size! 


  Lunch Bunch Meals (Weekly)      

Wednesdays 11:30 AM - 12 PM

Fridays 11:30 AM - 12 PM

EVCSFB Resource Center - 2084 Entiat Way - Entiat, WA 98822

Call 509-888-3999 for further information.

Anyone can attend and enjoy this free lunch event. You are not required to prepare a meal and bring it. People may bring a canned item, bread, dip, butter, etc., to share with others, but this is not necessary.  Each month a presenter, educational, workshop, music or activity will be provided. Presenters, education event or workshops will usually be held during or before the lunch and depends on what the activity consists of.​ Announcements, flyers will be handed out at the food bank distribution day and will be posted in local papers, school newsletter and at businesses.

Summer Meals for Kids​

Summer meals are provided in 5 locations from June through August to children in our rural community. This free meal program is available to children 1 - 17 years old. No registration, qualifications required, JUST SHOW UP. Look for our Mobile Lunch Express Car or Summer Meals Signs for a meal program in your area. Summer Meals dates, times and site locations are posted at EVCS Center. At the EVCSFB Resource Center, each day a learning activity will take place for children to participate in along with their healthy lunches. Monthly schedule of learning activities will be sent home with children each month for parents.  We hope to have parents volunteer and participate in our Summer Meals program. For more information call 509-888-3999.

Additionally, Volunteers are Needed for preparing meals, delivering meals to sites and assisting with learning activities for children.  Volunteers will be provided training. Requirements: Must be 18 or older, have own car, provide current driver's license, car insurance, pass background check, attend orientation, and Summer Meals training. Volunteer needed 3 days a week, 2 - 3 hours each day from June to August.  If interested call 509-888-3999, email evcsfb@nwi.net or volunteer here>

Donation Hours​ - Wed thru Fri (9 am - Noon)

Food donations call before delivering to make arrangements. Food or produce donations can be brought to the food bank when the food bank is open or is distributing food, at the following times (food bank distribution schedule is posted outside building):

Wednesday 9 AM to 12 NOON​

Thursday 9 AM to 12 NOON

Friday 9 AM - 12 NOON 

Saturday 8 AM - 10 AM (twice monthly on food distribution days)​

Please Give

Your support is absolutely critical to meeting the needs of hungry families. No family, child or person should go hungry simply because they cannot afford to buy food. Please consider financially supporting EVCSFB. 

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   Food Bank Hours:

   Saturday 9 -11:30AM

Twice a month

with a meal.

Thursday 5 - 6:30PM

Senior Home Delivery

Twice a month

2084 Entiat Way