Capital Campaign 'Mission: POSSIBLE'

"Serving Those In Need" is Entiat Valley Community Services FoodBank's motto and helping people reach their full potential for self-worth, health, and self-sufficiency is our goal. EVCSFB services are not a hand-out but a hand-up to those who find themselves in vulnerable circumstances.

During hard economic times, a rising number of residents are living below the poverty level and we are seeing a significant increase of people in need. Many who use to donate to EVCSFB are now coming for services.

Unfortunately, EVCSFB;s existing facility is inadequate and unable to serve their growing needs. Hardworking volunteers are still committed to providing essential services to many impoverished residents of Entiat area and Chelan and Douglas counties.

The Reasons For The Campaign

The numbers of people served by EVCSFB during the past 6 years have increased dramatically. In 2007 we served a total of 1500 individuals. In 2013, that number changed to an astonishing 5600, just at the food bank, another 2600 were served in our 30 direct-services. The U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that 14 percent of Entiat has income just at or seriously below the poverty level.  EVCSFB believes that number is significantly higher than presented.  This is due to the fact of the increase number of people using the food bank, a total of between 400 to over 500 persons each month.

The present building the food bank is housed in, is small and inaccessible in many ways. It severely limits the food bank's ability to service those in need. A new building will provide more frequent distributions and serve at least four times as many people because physical access, hours and efficiencies in operation will increase five-fold.

The new building will deliver a client, volunteer and friendly environment:

Fully accessible space on one floor                         Private space for interviews, counseling and/or assistance

5200 square feet of space - 2 floors                       Off-street parking spaces, inside seating

Dramatically increase space and storage              Space for our health clinic, community garden, clothing closet,

Kitchen for meals, job training, and break            Employment Options job skills classes, workshops, benefit

down bulk foods and provide rental revenue      services and assistance, after-school programs, senior services

We need your help to reach the Mission: POSSIBLE goal of $100,000. Currently we are lease-purchasing the building. When we reach this goal, we will own our building.  The new building will increase our services, hours and days of service, provide a food bank, free health clinic, employment skills and provide opportunities to create revenue for operations and support of EVCSFB's programs.  Please support EVCSFB's 'Mission: POSSIBLE' Capital Campaign, and give today!  Thank You.

Send to: Entiat Valley Community Services FoodBank, 'Mission: Possible', PO Box 697, Entiat, WA 98822

Thank you for your generous support in helping us to serve more people better and in taking on the Mission:Possible Capital Campaign with us! We sincerely appreciate your contribution.

New Buildng Update





But We Still Need Your Help To Help Us Help Others!


Entiat Valley Community Services FoodBank is an IRS 501 c 3 nonprofit public charity service organization registered with the Washington State Public Charity Program.  Contributions made to EVCSFB's Capital Campaign are deemed charitable according to IRS rules under section 501 (a) code and therefore are tax deductible.

Where We Were - People Were Outside
Where We Were - People Were Outside

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Volunteers Worked In Cramped Spaces
Volunteers Worked In Cramped Spaces

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And Now We Can Do So Much More!
And Now We Can Do So Much More!

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Where We Were - People Were Outside
Where We Were - People Were Outside

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Mission: Accomplished!

But We Still Need Your Help!

Please Donate to our Capital Campaign


Mission: POSSIBLE Capital Campaign

Here's How You Can Help

Check or Money Order contributions mailed to the address on this page.

Opportunities To Give:

'Foot by Foot' or 'Leaf by Leaf' Opportunities are available. A certificate will be given to contributors in both opportunities.

Leaf by Leaf

Purchase a leaf engraved with your name on it and it will be put on our 'Gathering Vine' in the building. Leafs that are available:

Gold $1000 - Silver $750 - Copper $500 - Green $250

Foot by Foot 

Purchase a square foot for $35, you will receive a window decal showing your support. If we sell 2900 square feet of the 5200 square foot building we will meet our challenge!

Other Ways To Give

Join our 200 Club - If 200, community members donate each month $5, our financial needs will be met-hence operation costs of the buildng and programs will be sustained by community support creating a solid financial foundation.

To Donate Please Go To Our Donation Page.