About Us

Entiat Valley Community Services FoodBank (EVCSFB) has operated a successful food bank program in Chelan County for over 25 years. Entiat Valley Community Services FoodBank (EVCSFB) was established in 2007 as a 501 c 3 nonprofit charitable service organization with the purpose of providing food and basic needs to those in need.  Other supportive services have been added include job training, benefit services, transportation, employment skills, and our new free health clinic.  Volunteers and partnering with other organizations is essential to our success for the tremendous need for our services in our rural community.

Community Need

The community has a tremendous need for the services that our organization provides. Last year over 3400 households with 1800 children were served. There were 2600 elderly clients served and 780 meals were served to children throughout the summer in our Summer Meals program at 5 different sites.  EVCSFB provided over 788 transportation services to the homebound, which included food box deliveries and transportation to medical appointments. Benefit Services another program EVCSFB provides through our affiliation with Washington Connections to assist people applying for food stamps, social security and veteran's benefits, served over 12 clients.  Entiat Regional Health Clinic and the Mobile Dental Bus provided 40 people in need of health and dental services. Employment Options program provides resume' writing, interview techniques, job search and employment skills, assisted 6 unskilled clients in finding jobs of which all 6 are gainfully employed.  EVCSFB  is currently limited on offering services and programs due to lack of a facility, therefore, Employment Options has been put on hold as we arrange schedules.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Entiat Valley Community Services FoodBank to help people in need reach their full potential for self-worth,

health, and self-sufficiency. We do this by:

                       Assisting the underprivileged

                       Serving those in need

                       Commitment to provide solutions in alleviating poverty, homelessness, & hunger

By facilitating a myriad of empowerment and emergency services to help the disadvantaged, we are providing a hand up,

not a hand out.

Program Goals

Through our programs, EVCSFB seeks to help individuals in our community and communities of Chelan and Douglas counties:

  To develop self-confidence, self-respect, and build better communities

  To provide encouragement and ongoing services to individuals to move forward from poverty, hunger and homeless

  To develop resources and new programs for people to reach and achieve their full potential of self-worth, health and



EVCSFB is centered on volunteerism and community involvement

EVCSFB to accomplish its overall mission, community collaborations, partnerships and volunteers are essential

EVCSFB is an organization were all people are served with compassion, dignity and respect, withouth regard to race, color or creed.

  Where all people are welcome to participate and receive services regardless of age, where they reside, religion, sex, ethnicity,

  or the ability to pay.

EVCSFB will not turn anyone away that is in need of services or that comes to us and it will strive to provide services at no cost.

EVCSFB is an organization of people working together to improve the quality of life for families, children, elderly, disabled,  

  individuals, homeless and the communities it serves


Entiat Valley Community Services FoodBank purpose is 'To Serve Those In Need', to move people forward to self-sufficiency from poverty, hunger and homeless. By alleviating poverty, hunger, homelessness and facilitating a myriad of services to empower disadvantaged people we will develop strong individuals, strong families and strong communities.


The Board of Directors of EVCSFB - Click Here to read more.